Bringing about cultural change in a community

Ethical and responsible tourism tells us to respect the local cultures of the communities we choose to visit. How then should we change harmful practices or gender inequalities that are inherent in those cultures? In reality, we shouldn’t.

It would be very colonial or imperialistic or whatever other terms you may choose to suggest that one culture is better than another. It is also worth remembering that culture is not a static thing but something that continually evolves as people are exposed to more education, more books, films, and television, different music and art, ideas and different situations such as war and terrorism.  

The Girl Guides helping to change harmful environmental practices. 

The Girl Guides helping to change harmful environmental practices. 

All cultures have aspects that others might find unacceptable but in reality if a culture is to change it is best that that change comes from within, led by people that the community trust, who speak the same language, understand the history, the environment, the culture, who are respected by the community and trusted by them not to trick them.

LTT are working to create a better educational environment where girls and boys can excel, progress to further education and become leaders of the future so that they can bring about the changes that they want to see in their culture. Similarly we work with the local Girls Guide group to help them develop young women into the leaders of tomorrow’s world.

Julian PageComment